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“You're Right. Concept Testing is Broken. It’s Time for Bold Change.”

A White Paper on the State of Concept Testing in CPG Innovation, Including a Detailed Examination of the Two Primary Options for Change.
Whether you are head of an innovation organization, the brand manager generating innovation concepts, the architect of innovation research systems, the researcher choosing innovation protocols, the category director shepherding a pipeline of innovation, or the stakeholder or analyst wondering why CPG companies aren't much better at innovation, this white paper is for you.

This analysis breaks down this massive global practice, makes clear what is and isn't working today, and provides two clear prescriptions for much better innovation outcomes.

It is borne of deep and current innovation expertise and the feedback of many dozens of leaders and practitioners.

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Key sections of the white paper include:
  • Concept Testing History in Brief
  • Industy Advancement Timeline
  • The Evolving Role of Concept Testing
  • Concept Testing Today
  • Broad Frustration Emerges
  • Seeking Alternatives
  • A Sober Assessment of Strengths & Weakenesses
  • A Case for Urgency to Change
  • Two Main Approaches to Change
Then for each of the two solutions:
  • Fundamental Premise and Rationale
  • Specific Vision for the Future World
  • Detailed Attributes for Success
  • Challenges versus Benefits
  • The Path from Today to the Future

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