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Innovation Performance

Innovation Performance is holistic innovation. It’s a focus not only on dramatically improving in-market outcomes, but also bettering today’s often-torturous journeys to get there.

It’s about innovators who make relentless progress, create with abandon, collaborate with excellence, and make confident decisions.

It’s about leaders who create an organization and culture that focuses on innovation, that insprires and fully equips its innovators, and that holds them accountable for performance.

Ultimately, It’s about creating highly successful innovations that maximize sales by optimizing the four key design decisions of every innovation: Audience, Problem, Solution, and Experience.

These keys to success are clear, but few achieve anything near total innovation performance. Most companies are built as machines optimized to produce, sell, ship, and market. Innovation is a side hustle for most and almost no one’s full-time job.

It’s no wonder most innovations come up short.

What We Do

The Woxi Innovation Performance Framework™

The Woxi

We are on a mission to dramatically improve innovation outcomes and innovation journeys by unleashing and equipping innovators at every stage to create successful innovations that maximize sales.

We do this by putting people at the center of everything: every project, every process, every product. We believe that innovation is a deeply human endeavor. Technology and analytics and data are essential enablers, but they will never replace the human part of innovation. That is why we are obsessed with equipping innovators progress, create, collaborate, and decide - whether that is a user-delighting SaaS app, a next-generation model, or groundbreaking innovation research. When innovators have what they need to come together and tackle the toughest problems with innovative solutions, that is the “magic” that we call innovation.

The Woxi Approach

Innovation involves every corner of your organization, and it requires skills that run the gamut from creativity to advanced analytics to strong operations. There is no one-size-fits-all approach for improving something so multifaceted. At the same time, Innovation Performance must scale and meet the entirety of your innovation needs.

Woxi tackles this Innovation Performance challenge through an unmatched combination of three inter-related approaches:

Advisory Services

A team and network of consultants with unrivaled, first-hand expertise across the spectrum of total innovation performance.


Lab & Foundry

Designing and building industry-leading frameworks, models, products, and software powering major global innovation organizations.


Innovation Institute

Advancing the state of innovation industry-wide through groundbreaking foundational learning and provocative calls to transform.


We have a passion for everything Innovation Performance – from C-Suite consulting on innovation strategy, to governance of the entire innovation process, to the development of software-enabled models and tools to take your innovations to the next level.

Let Us Show You How
The Woxi Values

We are innovators with an unmatched track record. We are Agile product leaders with technical and strategic expertise across a broad array of domains. We are analysts, tinkerers, programmers, and engineers. We are C-suite strategists, and we are in-the-details implementers. We are dreamers, and we are pragmatic builders.

We believe that great innovation starts and ends with people. We believe that solutions not only must work at a basic functional level, but they also must delight and engage users. We believe that goetta is Cincinnati’s true culinary gift to the world.

We believe in non-zero-sum thinking. We believe that accurate language opens up our understanding of the world and is worth obsessing over. We believe that everyone can have great ideas. We believe that better innovation journeys lead to better innovation outcomes.


What does “Woxi” mean?

Short answer: Nothing. We wanted something short, pithy, and free of existing meaning. We liked the way it sounds. Something fitting for tools that are part of a larger system — e.g. "Powered by Woxi". We wanted a clean slate, to give it meaning through our work and our principles.

Longer answer: When searching for short names with domain and trademark availability, we came across Woxi and immediately made the connection to another innovative organization we loved...97X WOXY-FM, the ground-breaking, independent radio station from the 80s, 90s, and 00s. We were immediately hooked.

Based in Oxford, Ohio, 97X WOXY was renowned internationally in its heyday for pioneering the cutting edge modern rock format. It is perhaps best known for its cameo in the film Rain Man, with Dustin Hoffman’s character repeating over and over in one scene: “97X…BAM! The future of rock and roll!” The station was innovative both for its pioneering music mix and the early adoption of internet streaming at woxy.com. WOXY understood that its audience wanted something different that they could not get anywhere else, a thoughtful and passionate approach to innovative programming. We honor that innovative spirit with the our name and our office playlists.

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