Chris Adrien

Founder & CEO
Board Chair

Woxi Inc.

Chris is a life-long innovator with passion for both driving industry’s understanding of innovation success and putting that learning to work by creating products, frameworks, and econometric models to help other innovators. He began his career with BASES, the leading innovation consultancy and forecaster, where he headed a top-3 client team. Moving to Product Leadership, Chris led the conceptualization, design, development, commercialization, and support of virtually every key Nielsen BASES innovation during its heyday. This culminated in the Factors for Success system, which has been employed on an estimated $1.4 billion worth of innovation work since 2010. Chris drives success as the leader of diverse, agile, global teams and engaging senior industry leaders worldwide. He has traveled the world, working with leaders at most of the top-50 global consumer packaged goods companies on their innovation systems innovation and on many of their best and worst innovations. He is an experienced speaker.

Chris holds a BS from Miami University. He lives in Cincinnati with his partner Brian and their twin 11-year-old daughters. He enjoys cooking, photography/videography, entertaining, home renovation and, especially, being a dad.

Please check out his recent book with John Lavelle, Fruition: How Great Ideas Come to Life. Available now in ebook format from Apple Books, Kindle, and Google Play, and in print from Amazon.

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