Woxi Innovation Lab & Foundry

MoThe Woxi Innovation Lab & Foundry designs and builds the industry-leading frameworks, models, products, and software that power leading innovation organizations worldwide.


Build industry-leading capabilities based on research and science.
Result: Intellectual property that is highly scalable.


Digital products with modern technology delivered via Agile approaches.
Result: Software as a service (SaaS) that is highly scalable.

We Are...

Modern, Agile product development specialists who deliver turnkey capabilities to partners for rapid commercialization...and sometimes commercialize ourselves.

Our Projects Come From...

  • Joint development with agencies or users
  • Ad-hoc commissions for white-box applications/li>
  • Proprietary Woxi projects where we have passion and the marketplace has demonstrated demand

Woxi Innovation Lab & Foundry focused on developing capabilities and digital products. We leave it to you to do with the final result as you know best, whether that be your own commercial sales or internal deployment within your organization. However, we have extensive experience in product commercialization and deployment, and we design our solutions with this in mind. If additional support is needed – particularly with internal deployment – we can seamlessly leverage (as we do in all our engagements) our Institute and Advisory Services capabilities, too.

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