Woxi Innovation Institute

The Woxi Innovation Institute provides thought leadership about Innovation Performance. Frameworks, position papers, and articles form the foundation of other Woxi services. The Woxi Innovation Institute is valuable resource for any individual or organization looking to get smarter about innovation.

• Woxi Universal Innovation Performance Model: our founding framework represents the holistic view we have of innovation. o Learn more by reading the Woxi Innovation Performance Manifesto. • Woxi BLOG NAME: we regularly publish our latest thoughts on Innovation Performance, both theoretical and what we are seeing on the ground. Although our Advisory and Lab & Foundry are focused on the practical business of Innovation Performance, we look broadly across industries and current events to learn and stimulate discussion on innovation. o Subscribe to be the first to see new posts, and follow us on Twitter for a view inside our collective brain. • Position Papers: on a semi-regular basis, we publish papers on important topics within the realm of Innovation Performance. These are always available for free. We hope you carefully consider them and consider how the learnings can help you innovate better. o See our latest position paper and an archive of past ones. • Training: we are available for trainings for your team members to orient themselves within the world of innovation. o We are in the process of developing standard curriculum. Contact us if you would like us to develop training for you. • Seminars: we offer seminars on a variety of topics on Innovation Performance. These include a mix of free and paid sessions. o See our schedule of upcoming seminars, and subscribe to be notified of upcoming opportunities so you can secure your spot. • Fruition: How Great Ideas Come to Life o Chris Adrien and John Lavelle authored this thought-provoking book on where ideas come from and how they become reality…more…

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